We developed a set of training processes that allow our team to work smarter and produce consistently and now we’re sharing it with you.

OCTOBER 17 - 18, 2022

Our venue is at Hyatt Place, which is located in Columbus, OH just 15 minutes away from John Glenn International Airport (CMH). We recommend you to make your reservations to Hyatt Place. You will also receive an email from us how to make reservations to the place.

Hyatt Place Columbus / OSU
795 Yard St. COLS OH 43212
Aloft Columbus University District
1295 Olentangy River Rd.
COLS, OH 43212
Springhills Suites Columbus OSU
1421 Olentangy River Rd.,
COLS OH 43212
Hyatt Place Columbus / OSU
795 Yard St.
COLS OH 43212

Raise productivity and take your business to the next level by…

Mastering proper recruiting, onboarding, and leading a sales team 
that generates millions in revenue.
We’ll show you the onboarding, training, and leadership techniques we use to create an environment where your team can reach its full potential and produce consistent results.
We believe in building the foundation first. If you don’t get your systems and tools ready for growth when you decide to scale a team, it could crash and crash FAST. Trust me, we’ve been there.

What you need is some guidance from someone who has made the mistake and been through the struggles — 
which is why we created The 2 Day Workshop

During this 2 Day LIVE event, we open the doors to our multi-million dollar operation and show you exactly how we've scaled 
our business with the proper systems, processes, and resources without having a huge team.

Learning what to do and not to do can give you the results 
you’ve never dreamed of having.

We’re Tiffany & Josh, 
AND we teach you how to get RESULTS too!

We have built an industry-standard, systematic approach that allows investors to scale their business by delegating tasks, lowering lead costs and overhead, all while increasing bottom line profits.

No more doing it on your own, we’re here to show you how we've done it.

8:00 – Networking Session 
8:30 – Start Time
9:00 – Introductions
9:30 – Phone systems
9:45 – How a lead flows through the system
10:00 – Marketing flows of every campaign
10:30 – Dialer systems & flows
11:00 – All lists and where we pull them
11:30 – Marketing KPIs we track
12:00 – How we set our budget & track in quickbooks
12:30 – Lunch delivered
1:00 – How we pay acquisitions – 4 tiers of promotions
1:15 – how we recruit sales people
1:30 – The interview process
1:45 – We start the onboarding & training process for exactly how we bring on sales people
     a) How we approach every sales call and why
     b) The psychology behind our sales process
     c) The 4 main fundamentals of our sales process
3:45 – Script Process
     a) Follow Up Specialist Script
     b) Process Script
     c) Offer script
     d) Overview of the Purchase Agreement on the phone
5:00 End of Day

6:00 Networking with Dinner provided (Offsite)

8:00 – Networking Session 
8:30 – Start Time
9:00 – Overview of the scripts
9:30 – Hours of Operation
9:45 – Meeting Rhythm and & Meeting agendas
10:00 – Metrics we hold our sales team accountable for
10:15 – 30, 60 90 day expectations for a new hire
10:30 – Review of Follow Up Specialist Role
10:45 – Onboarding Broken down by the day
11:00 – What we cover in 1x1 weekly performance meetings
11:15 – Spreadsheets that we use in ACQ
12:00 – Coaching Sales people through a slump
12:15 – How we handle multiple offer situations
12:30 – LIVE breakdown of a salescall & how we coach through them
1:00 – Components of House training
     a) We explain how we train our sales team to rehab
     b) How to teach sales people the rehab estimate through the phone
     c) How to run comps and understand what offer to make based on construction
2:00 – HR onboarding documents, agreements & policies
2:30 – How we find VIP & Hedgefund buyers
2:45 – How we market to our buyers
3:00 – How we sell deals to buyers site unseen
3:30 – How we build culture in our team
4:00 – Questions & Answers
5:00 End of Day

6:00 Networking with Dinner provided (Offsite)

At The 2Day Workshop, we cover our entire process to onboarding consistently performing acquisitions managers, our entire sales process, what our daily sales training consist of, how we conduct one-on-one meetings with our employees each week, how we coach through recorded calls, what metrics we hold our team accountable for, our HR process, how we create a culture of WINNING, and much much more! 

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